• SBC滚针轴承 产品型号:SBC Needle Roller Bearing - 滚针轴承
SBC Needle Roller Bearing - 滚针轴承


滚针轴承(needle bearing)是带圆柱滚子的滚子轴承,相对其直径,滚子既细又长。这种滚子称为滚针。尽管具有较小的截面,轴承仍具有较高的负荷承受能力,滚针轴承装有细而长的滚子(滚子直径D≤5mm,L/D≥2.5,L为滚子长度),因此径向结构紧凑,其内径尺寸和载荷能力与其它类型轴承相同时,外径最小,特别适用于径向安装尺寸受限制的支承结构。


Needle roller bearing, needle bearing) is the roller bearings with cylindrical roller, relative to its diameter, roller is thin and long. This is called needle roller. Although has a small cross-section, bearing still has high load capacity, needle bearing with fine and long roller (roller diameter D 5 mm or less, acuity 2.5 L/D, L) for the roller length, so the radial structure is compact, its diameter and load capacity at the same time, with other types of bearing outside diameter to a minimum, especially suitable for the limited size of the radial installation supporting structure.
According to the use of different occasions, can be used without inner ring of the bearing or needle roller and cage components, at this time to suit the bearing surface of the surface of the shaft and the shell hole directly as inner and outer rolling bearing surface, in order to ensure the load capacity and operation performance and you have the same ring bearing, axis or shell hole hardness on the surface of the raceway, machining accuracy and surface quality should be as a bearing ring raceway. These bearings can bear radial load only.


SBC Needle Roller Bearing - 滚针轴承

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